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Member Products

E & O Insurance

   Member brokers who participate in the Errors and Omissions Insurance Program will be issued by a major insurance underwriter an individual Errors and Omissions insurance Policy, which will include coverage for the member, managerial staff, sales, clerical and licensed real estate independent contractors under contract with Member-Brokers firm.

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Home Warranty Insurance

Member-Broker is authorized to offer home warranties for Independent Brokers Of America, Inc., (IBA), or any other home warranty company with whom Independent Brokers of America, Inc. has a contractual arrangement. Member-Broker agrees to represent the Home Warranty as outlined in the Warranty Plan Contract and indemnify IBA against any legal action or claims which may arise as a result of Member-Broker doing anything contrary to policies outlined in the Warranty Plan Contract.

* Offer Home Warranty to both sellers and buyers when appropriate.
* Obtain an acceptance or waiver on each listing or sale made.
* Submit application to home warranty company upon closing and funding.
* Collect Home Warranty fees at funding of sale and immediately forwards it to the home warranty company.
* Abide by any state regulation pertaining to licensing or permits pertaining to sale of Home Warranties.
* Member Broker shall not amend or vary any of the terms or conditions as set forth in the Home Warranty Contracts.

Pre-Paid Legal

Members have access for full coverage Pre-Paid Legal Services, both for Personal Coverage (available in all States) and Business Coverage (available in many States).

It is a fact: That over 80 million lawsuits are filed in the U.S. each year, that is an average of 152 lawsuits every minute.
It is a fact: This year, the odds are greater that you will be in court than in the hospital.
It is a fact: One out of three Americans will need the advice of a lawyer in the next 12 months.
It is a fact: That 70% of all Americans do not have a Will.

Covers you, your spouse, and all unmarried children living in the home under the age of 23 still full time in school.
As a business owner, you need answers to questions that come up every day, questions for which you do not always have the time and resources with which to find answers. The business owners legal solutions plan offers you a trusted source for the difficult questions your business faces. We offer you the opportunity to establish an on-going, working relationship with top-quality attorneys and business experts for one low monthly price. We offer you the peace of mind and assurance of having answers at your fingertips. You face challenges as a business owner that require expertise. Now you can have it at a price you can afford, and with assurance you are getting Service and support you can count on when you need it.


Library of Correspondence

Over 45 letters of correspondence are concerning all aspects of the Real Estate Business.

These letters are designed to help you write a better business letter. This Correspondence library comes in booklet form and on computer disc.

Deductible Elliminator

Members have a Zero Deductible in most states if the following qualifications are met:
1. State Contracts are used.
2. Home Warranty on the Sold Property
3. Seller Disclosure made available to buyer.
4. Home Inspected by Licensed Inspector